Map of Larry

The name "Larry" honors Larry Patton who was a long-time technician in the wheat breeding programs at K-State.

This top-performing hard red wheat was developed by K-State Research and Extension, and has done extremely well in K-State trials and breeder nurseries. It has shown a good stability across a wide environmental diversity, but did suffer some injury during the extreme November 2014 freeze.

Larry is a medium-height, medium-maturity variety with moderate resistance to both stem and stripe rust. It is moderately susceptible to leaf rust and would benefit from a fungicide. It has good acid soil tolerance and is resistant to soil borne mosaic virus. Larry has shown tolerance to moderate drought, a high tillering capacity, and good straw strength.

  • Top performing variety under intensive management
  • Strong resistance to stripe rust
  • Excels in environments of Central through Southern Kansas and into Oklahoma

Map of Zenda

Named for the Kingman county small town in south central Kansas, this variety is well adapted over a wide area as suggested by its pedigree.

K-State Research and Extension developed this hard red variety as an excellent choice for wheat acres planted after corn in central and eastern Kansas, as well as a comparable replacement for Everest. Zenda performed extremely well in the 2016 K-State trials in this area.

Zenda is a medium-height, medium-early variety that has a moderate resistance to stripe and stem rust and intermediate to leaf rust. It also has good acid soil tolerance and is resistant to soil borne mosaic virus. It will have a similar resistance to Fusarium head blight, or scab, as Everest and its barley yellow dwarf will be second only to Everest.

  • Evolved from the top performing Everest variety
  • Good stripe rust resistance with improved grain quality
  • Excels in environments of Central and Eastern Kansas


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Soil Borne Mosaic VirusSpindle Streak Mosaic VirusWheat Streak Mosaic VirusBarley Yellow Dwarf VirusLeaf RustStem RustStripe RustSeptoria Tritici BlotchTan SpotPowdery MildewFusarium Head BlightHessian FlyMaturityHeightDrought ToleranceStraw Strength
Denali8867738 8572C8853
Oakley CL d7736522562597766
Danby7 58825687797756
Joe88362123346 7854
1.Rating codes are:1 – Highly resistant; 3 – Moderately resistant; 5 – Intermediate; 7 – Moderately susceptible; 9 – Highly susceptible. Blanks indicate insufficient information.
2. Hessian fly ratings are based on results of greenhouse tests with Kansas (Great Plains) biotype of Hessian fly. Hessian fly populations are often a mixture of biotypes thus results can vary among years and locations.K-StateKWA
c. Indicates resistance has been inconsistent in greenhouse testing.
d. CLEARFIELD® variety, which is resistant to Beyond herbicide.
Source: Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings 2018
Kansas State University Research and Extension
Maturity: 1=Early; 9=Late
Height: 1=Short; 5=Medium; 9=Tall
Drought tolerance: 1=Excellent; 5=Good; 9=Poor
Straw Strength: 1=Excellent; 5=Good; 9=Poor
Blank indicates insufficient information

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